Sourced from James Peak at 13,294 feet

Are those snowflakes?

All the water we use is sourced from the Colorado Continental Divide. On the highest peaks, Snow builds up through the winter. This snow melts throughout the year into creeks and reservoirs. As this snow trickles through the rocks it picks up minerals and alkalinity, giving our water a high pH. This provides a crisp and smooth element to our vodka. As we mix this water with our product to create the 40% ABV, we see some of the minerals react with the water and some minerals fall out of the liquid.

These minerals that have been solidified, get filtered out. We do not chill-filter any of our products because we find that doing so will thin out our spirits and take away from the quality that we work so hard to create. Since we do not chill-filter, as the product sees changes in temperature, you may see small white snowflakes floating in the product. This is calcium binding together. These snowflakes do not negatively affect anything in our product, but we believe it is the water showing its natural state, and presenting its source.

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